We are a school of the XXI century. Our school emphasizes:
physical development ( competitions, contests, Olympiads)
the safety of our pupils
the development of talents
additional classes
classes of interests
corrective and compensational classes and speech therapy as well as the popularization of
ecological and The European Union knowledge

Primary School number 1 is the oldest school in town. It came into being in 1945 after the end of World War II. Nowadays we have got six years of education in 21 classes with 439 pupils.

Since the very beginning not only teaching and care were our priorities but a wide initiative to provide our students with the chance of developing their interests.

Our school allows our students to gain media competence. That helps our pupils to move about the media world causing no harm to themselves.

We word our own school newspaper called 'Luz' It's already 11 years of practice! Children from all the classes prepare their own articles and correct them using their computers. 'Luz' comes out once a month and each student is allowed to take contribute in it.

We help the ones in need therefore we collect money for The Orphanage in Kożuchów. The campaign has been organized each year for 16 years. 'Children helping Children' is the main idea. Parents and children organize a coffee house and donate all the funds for The Orphanage.

We have been meeting the pupils form the Nursery for Crippled Children for ten 10 years each Christmas and each Kid's Day. We sing, we dance and play together. We give presents to the little ones.

Each year we organize a Carols and Nativity Plays Contest for our pupils and all the nursery schools in our town. Nine nursery schools take part in the contest.

For 8 years we have been gathering feed for the animals of the Animal Shelter in Zielona Góra. This is our way to help them.

In 2000 a theatre group called 'Urwipołcie' began to be. The group is made of students of all ages. They come together to learn and spend their free time as well as to represent the school outside. They won many prizes in many contests and they are the pride of our school

Our school is active in the campaign 'All Poles read to their kids'. We ask the parents, the grandparents and all the writers to read to their children . We meet to read and it is a huge success in the area. The kids prepare plays or drawings connected with the books.

Since the year 2000 our pupils take part in reading competitions. We can pride ourselves on the frontal positions in those competitions. We have got winners in classes IV to VI as well as II and III.

One of the the priorities of our school is to prepare children to take part in the cultural life

Our tradition is to meet interesting people. Our pupils had the opportunity to meet bishop A. Dyczkowski and writers such as W. Chotomska , M Niemyski or E. Waśniowska or K. Petka.

Thanks to some good people the school managed to implement many novelties. Our pupils award those good people with the order of ' A friend of the school'

We organize school holiday by the sea in Sianożęty and a therapy camps in Świeradów Zdrój. It's been seven years now!

We pride ourselves on the cooperation with our children's' parents. We organize funfairs together and thanks to the sponsors and many guests as well as the involvement of parents, children and teachers of our school can make dreams come true;) For the gathered money two computer classes have been equipped. What is more we have equipped all the classes in computers. Those funfairs are a great opportunity to come together and to meet.

We are proud of our sports achievements. Our pupils have succeded in many sports events during past few years. We are champions in athletics , group games and bikes. We are also proud of our volleyball and handball representatives. We create sports classes and give the sporty ones a chance to achieve success .We can also be proud of the athletic Thursdays, where our pupils qualified to the national finals.

The priority of the last years is mass sport realized by organizing many sport competitions to promote active lifestyle. As an example is the annual Kinder Delice Cup, a sport competition that engages pupils from our school.
We also have a canoe-oriented sport class where children achieved their first successes on the county, province and national stage.
As a fourth hour of PE classes our pupils take part in dancing lessons, so popular that every pupil takes part in it.

We take a special care of Gypsy children for whom we organize additional exercises. We are the only school in the county to employ Gypsy assistant, who is a member of the Government Commission in Poland for the national minorities.

In 2006 we got a prestigious distinction Znak Jakości Interkl@sa 2006 award for one year. This distinction is given to schools, which prepare pupils to be functional in the information community according to highest world's standards. A year later we got Znak Jakości Interkl@sa 2007 for the next two years.

Our teachers are successful in the national competitions- in 2006 Mrs Jolanta Sikora got a 3rd distinction for the presentation " Lektury klasy II- Kubus Puchatek A.A. Milne ", and in 2007 " Świerszczykowy konkurs"- among the best three was a work of Mrs Beata Binder, the author of the game script titled "Dlaczego dzieci lubią lody".

In 2007 we became a prizewinner of the 5th edition of national competition "Folklor mojego region- historie ludzi I miejsc".

Again in 2007 one of our teachers got a prestigious distinction in the 3rd edition of the National Competition Innovating Teacher for the work-"Wehikułem czasu po Nowej Soli". Mrs Beata Binder, a teacher of the young children got this distinction.

In the previous year we got the 3rd place in National Competition Innovating School 2008!

At a present we are invited to the Jury of Competition Partnership for the Future/Kapituły Konkursowej Partnerstwa dla Przyszłości, which will be giving it's opinion on teachers' and schools' work in Innovating School and Innovating Teacher 2009 competitions.

Although we have got many achievements , we are not about to stop. Still, we are creating, searching and developing. For us each day is the new challenge. We try to pass our creativity and constructive activity to our pupils.

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 is the oldest school In the city. It was built in 1945 right after II World War when people started to settle in Nowa Sól. They started to organize the school in August giving its management to Aleksander Kociołowski. At first the school was on Cmentarna Street. The first teachers ready to work were Zofia Topolnicka, Jan Fikus, Bronisław Mikusiński. 11th Septembver 1945 was the first day of the school year and the teachers were Julia Skup, Edmund Domerecki, Stefania Strzelecka, Jan Fikus, Zofia Sint, Zofia Topolnicka. At first 103 children were signed to school and also adult courses were conducted. However, the number of pupils during the year reached 682 and the school was moved to the building on Parafialna Street. Earlier in this building, which was built in 1936 had existed boys' school (Fridericusschule). In 1943 in the building of the school the hospital had been organized and shortly after war Państwowy Urząd Repatriacyjny. It has started to function as a school on 5th October 1946 and exists to these days.
A very important event was giving the name of Tadeusz Kościuszko, name of a Polish and an American national hero to our school. It was March 1974 and three years later we were connected with SP 2.
Since the beginning our school has tried to take care of pupils organizing additional lessons such as Polish, Geography, Drama, PCK, TPRR, ZHP, school choir, dance and mandolins. It has become a tradition in our school and to these days we enable realization of individual need of children. Our school helps able students and at the same time supports students with special needs.
The responsibility of the manager held Jan Fikus (from 17.09.1947r.), Zofia Topolnicka (from1.01.1950r.), Aleksander Lisiecki (from 1.09.1969r.)Then the function of manager was replaced by the function of headmaster. Since then this place has been held by:

Bogusław Wolniewicz
Albert Wasiela
Tadeusz Czyżowicz
Józef Zatylny
Edward Kozłowski
At present the responsibility of the headmaster holds Mr Bogusław Greń.

Translation by Katarzyna Mokwińska and Marta Marciniak